Soap Project

Personal and aesthetic precursors for the Soap ProjectThe background of the Soap Project is influenced by my intimate, personal living environment. In the course of accustomingmyself to a new environment, I changed, despite my original character and tried even more to adapt to my surroundings. Initiallythe fear on the new environment resulted in a tendency towards passivity, and even an emotional charge about anythingforeign. Determining factors were the difficulties expressing myself in a foreign language and in overcoming cultural differences.These constrictions considerably disturbed both my natural inspiration and my primary life rhythm.The situation had a positive effect, namely the constant tension pressed me into a state of heightened alertness. On one handthis hampered my work because I found I was forcing myself to assimilate too much and casting aside what I considered to bemy real identity. On the other hand, I was force to find a creative way out of my isolation and thus the Soap Project wasborn. Key features of my work are: connectedness with the facts of my life overcoming foreigness contact with otherpeople The process by which changes in my life are integrated into my work.Memorial Object [Soap Coffin]When I go back to my countryI have to become another personI have to wash away my differentnessAnd how I’ve changedAnd become as others think they know meTaking for granted certain thingsThey know I will do if askedThey know I will respond if promptedI can completely erase myselfAnd flit in the mood like a brilliant soap balloonSoliciting sighs on contentmentAnd gratitude.Size: 235x80x65cm / Year: 2000 / Material: Soap, plexiglass, illumination, wood, sound