Exercise in Futility

Space installation with performance, soaps, sound, video Cleaning Ritual-Washing a oor made of soap accompanied by repetitive sound. Performer wipes the soap floor a wet cloth. After sometime, this action wears into the floor, creating new forms, which remain to testify the passage of time, the cleaning ritual. The room resonates the shift of states from existence. The cleaning ritual acts as preparation for the future and past. Ritual cleaning also leaves its mark. The action creates trace in a room, evidence of wear. From this space you can get a strong memory or impression of one person’s existence.

1 Exercise in futility in Berlin, Germany 2001
2 Exercise in futility De Waan Venray, Holland 2002
3 Exercise in futility Gwangju Biennale Gwangju, Korea 2004
4 Exercise in futility Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan 2006
5 Exercise in futility (Outdoor Yeuido Park) in Seoul, Korea 2008
6 City of Blind BoanYeokwan, Seoul 2010

7 Exercise in futility Saloon SudeCoucou, Berlin, Germany 2011

8 Exercise in futility Koerner Park, Berlin, Germany  2014