Jinran Kim, trained as a sculptor at the prestigious Seoul Nation University and Berlin University of Art, practices in Berlin and Seoul producing objects, two-dimensional works, and, increasingly, public art and works with kinetic and media elements. Her work draws from classic sculpture, informed by the traditional arts of her native Korea, creating unique hybrids of Western and Korean traditions integrating traditional and industrial approaches to carpentry, metal and stone work as well as work with fabrics, media, and mechanical elements. The themes in her work issue from everyday experience: eating, washing, cleaning, gossiping, day dreaming, and inquire deeply into the prospects and purpose of women in contemporary Korean society, and those of a contemporary Korean woman in the global context. Never flashy but always deep and resonant, Jinran Kim’s work exudes a quiet power which speaks of patience and perseverance and more internally, perhaps even more silently, of her passion and of her rage.

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Born in Seoul, Korea Since 1994 Working and living in Berlin, Seoul
1994 - 1997 Universitaet der Kunste Berlin, Bildende Kunst FB1with Wolfgang Knapp, Monika Murasch
1996 Winchester School of Art in England 96/WS
1991 - 1993M.A. course at Seoul National University
1987 - 1991 Studied Sculpture at Seoul National University


Junge Kunst Saar Ferngas Forderpreis 3 preis
Cite International des Arts Paris studio program 2004/2005
Tokyo Wonder Site residency program 2006
Korean cultural foundation 2007
Kyunggi cultural foundation 2008
Seoul cultural foundation 2009


2020                    Gallery Z22, Berlin

2018                    Kommunale Galerie Steglitz, Zehlendorf, Berlin
2018                    Schwartzsche Villa, Boulevard, Berlin
2015                   St. MatthäusKirche, St. Matthäus Culture Foundation
2014                   Gallery Koernerpark, Berlin
2012                    Gallery Foerster, Berlin
2011                    Gallery Berlin Weekly, Berlin
2011                    Gallery Saloon SudeCoucou, Berlin
2010                   Gallery Foerster, Berlin
2009                    Gallery Wohnlabor, Berlin
2008                    Gallery Robrecht, Berlin
2007                    GLS Campus solo exhibition, Berlin
2006                   Tokyo Wonder Site open studio, Tokyo
2006                    GLS Campus solo exhibition, Berlin
2005                    Cite International des Arts, Paris
1999                    Heidelberger Kunstverein


Museum of Contemporary Art MMK, Frankfurt am Main 2001
Korean embassy Switzerland 2003
Nam Jun Pack Museum 2004


SSammzi Art Space Project program 2002/03
Coex Intercontinental Hotel Seoul permanent installation 2003
Gwangju new city hall permanent installation 2003
Acrovista floor design permanent installation 2004
Gwangju Biennale Theme park permanent installation2004
Residency program Cite international des Arts, Paris, France 2004/2005
Berlin GLS facade Project, permanent installation 2006
TC Company Building, Pohwang, Permanent installation 2010
GT Tower Media Wall Art Contents, Seoul 2011
POSCO Media Screen Art Contents, Gwuangyang 2012
Yeosu EXPO Art Work, Korea 2012
Busan Gwangan Bridge Media Screen Art Contents, Korea 2014
Lotte World Tower Media Fassade Art Contents, Korea 2016
Media Project Sulhaewon, Yang Yang, Korea 2018
Media Fassade Art Works Sungrae Mun, Coex, Seoul, Korea 2020








Gallery Irrgang, Leipzig, Berlin
Gallery Helle Coppi, Berlin
Korean Culture Center Project ON, Berlin
Gallery DISKURS, Berlin
Moritzburg Art Museum, Hale Saale

Frauenmuseum Bonn
Be-Rufkuenstlerin, Kunst Halle Brennabor, Brandenburg

Gallery Wedding, Berlin

Gallery KunstvereinNeukoelln, Berlin

Gallery Futura, Berlin, Germany
“Das Bad” T27 Gallery, Berlin, Germany
City of Blind BoanYeokwan, Seoul, Korea
Be Rufkuenstlerinen, Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany
“Bath-culture-Liver” H2O Museum, Berlin, Germany
Berliner Liste, Art Fair Berlin, Germany


Let’s go Home, DWI Building, Hamburg, Germany
Frauen Blick Gallery Wedding, Berlin, Germany
Kunstraum in Masoleum, Alter St. Matthaeus Kirchhof, Berlin, Germany
Sinseagae Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Gallery La Condition Japonese, Berlin, Germany
MBC Broadcast, Daegu, Korea


Yoeuido Park outdoor project, Seoul, Korea
“Shall we smell” koreana Museum, Seoul, Korea
SSammzi Art Space open Studio, Korea


German contemporary exhibition, Jeonjoo Museum, Jeonjoo, Korea


Tradition und Zeitgeist, Muenchner Kultfabrik(White Box), Muenchen, Germany
Tradition und Zeitgeis, Gallery Hellhof, Kronberg, Germany


Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
Apeldoorn Modern Art Museum opening show, Holland
Exhibition Gallery Robert Dree, Hannover, Germany


Tradition&Innovation III, Hyundai Gallery, Korea


International Arts festival Venray, Holland
Tradition&Innovation II, UN building, Switzerland
Tradition&Innovation II, Zollverein, Essen, Germany


Presentation Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Heimat Kunst, Zehnscheuer Kunstverein, Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany
International Arts Festival Exit/Via, Creteil, Maubeuge, France


Presentation Art Cologne Koln, Germany
Presetation Art Form Berlin, Germany
"Heimat Kunst" Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
"Expo 2000" Kestner Museum, Hannover, Germany
Tuchfuhlung 2, Kunsthaus Langenberg EV, Germany


Presentation Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Germany
Museum Brandenburgische Kunstsammulungen, Cottbus, Germany
Exhibition Gallery Nagonaja, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition Gallery Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany


Exhibition, Junge Kunst Saar Ferngas Forderpreis Saarland Museum, Germany
Schlosspark Museum, BadKreuznach, Germany
Stadtmuseum, Osaka, Japan
Gallery Asian Fine Arts Berlin, Germany
"Observe" Kulturamt Treptow, Berlin, Germany
Prisma Haus, Berlin, Germany
"Neue Kunstler in Wedding",
Schering Kunstverein und Kunstraum Berlin, Germany
Presentation ARCO Madrid, Spain


Project Exhibition "Sicherheit", HdK, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibition Dong-Ah Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Exhibition with Annie Wu, Gallery Asian Fine Arts Berlin, Germany
Group exhibition, City Hall, Schwalbach, Germany
Exhibition "Das kleine Gluck die grosse Sehnsucht", Darmstadt, Germany