Size: Each 30x30x80cm / Year: 2009 / Material: Wood, Sound,Light, Video, Each section

Passing the along the gallery of the old castle’s servants’ quarters, one can over snatches of daily life going on inside. This is not the 19th century, the emperor is gone, and the citizens have taken up residence behind the sliding paper doors. Approaching quietly you’ll hear them, moving about, talking amongst themselves. Imagine you are the emperor and they are all talking about you! The bigger you are the more people will gossip about you. In this case, the miniature row of dwellings, places the visitor in the position of a giant peering into the unseen inhabitants’ humble privacy. Thus the perceptual shift as one approaches the objects from afar and one realizes that they are not only inhabited, but, also, inhabited by inaccessible people.One cannot completely control the opinions of others. This can be frustrating, especially where it has bearing on how oneself is perceived. We become jealous of the other’s anonymity and invisibility, and abandon our own desires to desire what they desire.The structucture is modular and conceived to be adaptable to any space. Each section is 80cm long. A multi-channel sound system is produces the illusion of daily life going on behind the closed paper sliding screen doors. A lighting system also illuminates the interior of the object spaces at night giving the impression of habitation.